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Everyone needs a Tech Buddy!

What are the Tech Demos?

What Demos can I see?

Tech Demos are videos and examples of what is possible when our Buddies let My Tech Buddy focus on their tech so they can focus on their business! These demos include feature sample videos and actual examples from our Buddies! We hope these help give you ideas of what you can achieve if you have a Tech Buddy!

Everyone needs a Tech Buddy!

Feature Samples

Check out these great videos showing what's possible with some of My Tech Buddy's preferred platforms! These are a great way to get ideas of what we can create together if you have a Tech Buddy! If you have questions or ideas that you'd like to see but aren't featured here, just ask at NewBuddies@My-Tech-Buddy.Com! We'd love for you to be our Buddy - then we can focus on your tech so you can focus on your business!

More samples are coming soon! Everyone needs a Tech Buddy!

Confluence (Knowledge Management Wiki)

EverSign (Electronic Signatures)

Confluence is a super user friendly Wiki - a web based system for storing knowledge and working on content with others. When you log on to create a new page, you'll find it's as easy to edit as Google Docs or Microsoft Word. It's an amazing way to take documentation that's spread out over paper, share drives, local computers, and more and move it all into one easy to use, easy to search platform for your team! My Tech Buddy uses Confluence for our knowledge management, and with the "Macros" that let it integrate with Jira, Google Workspace, YouTube, and more, the possibilities of how it can help your business are endless!

Eversign is a simple to use platform that lets you gather signatures electronically. Are you tired of printing out documents just so they can be signed? Are you tired of dealing with faxes and scanners to try to send and receive contracts or agreements? You need EverSign - this platform will record legally binding signatures electronically. It integrates with common platforms such as Gmail and Google Docs and even lets you create templates for commonly used documents. Eversign is powerful enough to let you custom fill in fields to help speed up your workflow and your ability to engage clients and close agreements quickly and easily!

Google Sites (Websites)

Google Workspace (Back Office Suite)

Google Sites is a fantastic platform to build a fully featured website for your business. It also has a great interface that makes it simple to update, change, and maintain your website yourself - though My Tech Buddy is happy to do it for you if you prefer. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with the other products in Google Workspace - you can use Google Forms to collect information from your customers, display a Google Slides presentation, show graphs and tables from Google Sheets, or even embed a video from YouTube! My Tech Buddy uses Google Sites for all of our own websites - just think of what it could do for you!

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) revolutionizes your back office productivity while meeting your core business needs. Workspace starts with eMail, Calendar, Contacts, and Chat to ensure you stay connected and aligned. It then solves your Documents, Spreadsheet, and Presentation needs along with providing online storage. Moving past the basics, it enables you to create online forms, dynamic websites, and more! My Tech Buddy relies on Google Workspace to power our business, and loves the way it encourages real time collaboration across teams and geographies. Are you ready to move into next generation of office productivity?

Insync (Data Sync & Backup)

Jira Service Desk (Customer Requests & Work Tracking)

Insync is a powerful tool that lets you synchronize your data between your computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, and your network drives. It works both on laptops / desktops as well as servers and can be set up to sync everything or only specific files and folders. It can sync a single account or all of your Google accounts if you have multiple! The solution even works on MacOS, Windows, and Linux! If you're looking for a great way to sync only the files you need, to automate backups to the cloud, or to find a common solution across all of your computers, Insync is the answer. Let My Tech Buddy help you get started, or buy Insync directly through this link!

Jira Service Desk is a great way to support your customers! You can create and track requests for them or allow users to create their own either through eMail or a web portal. Requests are turned into "tickets" that you can assign to your team and track how long it takes you to respond and resolve - how well are you serving your customers? My Tech Buddy uses this to better serve our Buddies either through eMail or our web portal. Just imagine how this could help you with property maintenance requests, service requests, or bookings! The possibilities are endless as Jira Service Desk helps you stay organized and on top of your customer's needs!

Square (Point of Sale)

Square Online Store (eCommerce)

Square powers the front of the house functionality every customer facing company needs! What started as an easy way to accept credit cards has grown into a full, highly visual, point of sale system - letting you onboard your team to start working quickly while minimizing your training costs! Add to that, the ability to have your team clock in and clock out directly within Square and the ability to analyze your sales and your business to help you make the right decisions, and Square is a must have platform! You can even build out your customer directory, to help with marketing, and store credit cards to help you efficiently manage recurring bills!

Most of us know and love Square for revolutionizing credit card payments. They started by letting you accept credit cards from your phone and have grown into a full Point of Sale solution complete with chip and contactless readers and dedicated hardware designed to empower your business! Now Square is taking their offering to the next level by letting you build an eCommerce site, a website where you can sell to your customers, directly on their platform and tie it directly into the rest of the solution! This is a great way for our Buddies to sell online, accept curbside to go orders, and serve their customers 24x7 365!

Customer Examples

Even better than Feature Samples are actual examples from our Buddies of solutions My Tech Buddy built with them! Check out some real world examples of what is possible when My Tech Buddy focuses on your tech so you can focus on your business!

If you become our Buddy, we'd love to feature you in one of our Customer Examples! Everyone needs a Tech Buddy!

Happiness in Heels

Scroll Saw Creations of Texas

Happiness in Heels came to My Tech Buddy with an existing Wix site, but wanted some help to get it just right. This is a great example of how My Tech Buddy can help you with your tech, even if it isn't based on one of our preferred platforms - we're here to help! Check out Happiness in Heel's site to see what we built together, and feel free to take a look at the Client Success Video to hear more about their business!

Scroll Saw Creations of Texas came to My Tech Buddy with a desire to set up a Facebook presence with an eCommerce site. This was a first for My Tech Buddy, but we partnered closely with Scroll Saw Creations to understand their needs and design a site to help enable their business! Check out the Scroll Saw Creations Facebook Page and eCommerce site to see what we built together! If you need beautiful wood creations -- this is the place for you!