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Ask Your Buddy

Ask Your Buddy is a video series from My Tech Buddy to answer tech questions as if we were just having a conversation with a buddy. We'd love to answer your questions too! Just send them to AskYourBuddy@My-Tech-Buddy.Com!

Episode 004 - What's the deal with G Suite?

Resources in the video

G Suite -

Episode 003 - What is a Wiki?

Resources in the video

  • Confluence -

Episode 002 - What is Ransomware?

Resources in the video

  • CrowdStrike -

Episode 001 - How do I back up my Data?

Resources in the video

  • Google Drive -

Episode 000 - Do I Really Need AntiVirus?

Resources in the video

Customer Success

My Tech Buddy loves our Buddies (some would call them our customers)! We love to celebrate together when we focus on their Tech so they can focus on their Business! This is an exciting series where we share a little about each Buddy, the experience they had working with My Tech Buddy, and what we were able to achieve together! To learn more about becoming our Buddy, you can reach out at NewBuddies@My-Tech-Buddy.Com!

Episode 000 - Happiness in Heels

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Scroll Saw Creations of Texas

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My Tech Buddy Memes

My Tech Buddy loves to share our story through memes! We are a little zany and fun, so advertising through memes is a great way for us to have fun, reach new Buddies, and make our Buddies smile! Below are some of the best memes we've come up with! We'd love your feedback as we're constantly trying to come up with new and better memes to make our Buddies smile!



Denial & Dispair